Weight Loss Goals

My Weight Loss Goals

  • Weigh under 150
  • Stop avoiding long lost friends due to my weight

  • Have a family portrait made & not be ashamed of the way I look in it.

  • weigh under 200 lbs!

  • have my weight start with a 1

  • walk without my legs rubbing together

  • Wrap a towel around myself and be completely covered - and not a beach towel!!

  • Cross my legs

  • Touch my toes without bending my knees

  • Weigh in the 100's

  • wear something from Victoria's Secret.


    • Roller Blade.

    • Enjoy having my picture taken

    • TO LOSE 100 LBS.

    • Run 2 Miles without stopping

    • ride a roller coaster

    • Buy clothes at a regular store...not a plus size store.